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ProMark Window Film & Blinds dedicated sales team will ensure that your tender enquiries are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

We know that you are often given short deadlines to return your tender, and we will do anything we can to assist you.

More often that not, the products we carry will be specified within the specification, which makes it easy for both of us. Our senior sales team/estimators are extremely competent and experienced in working with scaled drawings to collect sizes, or if the Bill of Quantities lists the areas to be completed, that is obviously better and means we can respond quicker.

If an alternative product has been specified, we can also cost for that, and if required offer our advice on other products, which may also be suitable and either offer extra benefits or cost savings.

We strive to ensure that 100% of our tender enquiries are dealt with in a prompt and professional manner so we can get you back.

We would like our companies to build an exceptional working relationship together. We want you to know, that by coming to us, not only will you get a competitive price, you will get a comprehensive price breakdown and a rapid response.

Going Green

Reducing Our Footprint

We are an energy star partner and are committed to selling energy conserving products to protect the environment.


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