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Security & Safety Film

Glass and film virtually become one, creating a barrier that helps contain flying glass shards if windows are shattered by accidental or intentional impact.

Safety Shield window film by Madico is a transparent, high efficiency micro-thin film that is bonded to glass with specially formulated adhesive. Safety Shield window film by Madico is specially designed to make your window and film virtually one. Whether your windows are subject to accidents or an intruder, the damage from shattered glass can be significantly reduced.

The level of protection you need with the style of film you want.

Safety Shield polyester films are available in clear, tinted and reflective styles and in varying thickness from 2 mil to 14 mil. Resistance to cutting, tearing and impact, increases as film thickness increases. The higher mil grades make use of multi-layers of plastic film and special adhesives to create a laminate with superior break resistance and impact absorption.

Going Green

Reducing Our Footprint

We are an energy star partner and are committed to selling energy conserving products to protect the environment.

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