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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs?

Is there a film preventing people seeing in?

How is the film applied?

Can film prevent fading?

How is it cleaned?

How long will film last?

Can I do it myself?

Is there a way to reduce heat without a noticeable film?

Will it affect my plants?

How do I remove tape residue from window film?

Can I hang signs on filmed glass?

Is there a sandblasted-look film?

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Window Film

What are the costs?

Cost of material and installation of our premium film is approximately $18.00 per square foot. Most of our standard films range between $7 to $10 per square foot (HST extra).

Is there a film preventing people seeing in?

Reflective film will reflect the light where the light is the brightest. It works best in the daylight but at night you will need a blind if privacy is your main concern. Consider office buildings with reflective glass: glass is reflective in appearance during the day but at night you can see the interior when the lights are on.

Reflective film requires a 2:1 ratio of light for the best results. If privacy is required between an office and showroom (for example), the showroom needs to be brighter than the office requiring privacy. A reflective film (grey on the interior, reflective on the exterior) works well in this application, allowing occupants in the office to see out while stopping visitors in the showroom from seeing in.

How is the film applied?

Our ProMark film installer begins by first cleaning the windows with mild soapy water. The backing sheet is removed to expose a water-sensitive glue. The film is positioned carefully on the glass. We then remove excess water using a squeegee, trim the film to fit, and wipe up any remaining water from the glass and the window sills.

Can film prevent fading?

The three most common causes of fading include UV light, heat and visible light. Our window films will eliminate 99% of UV rays which are responsible for 40% of your fading. As soon as you add a tint to the film, you will eliminate more of the visible light and heat, leading to a further reduction of fading.

How is it cleaned?

Clean window film as you would your windows, using glass cleaner and non-abrasive materials such as paper towel or soft cloths.

How long will film last?

Most of our films perform well over 15-20 years. Our residential films are warrantied for as long as you own your home.

Can I do it myself?

We strongly recommend a professional installation. While there have been those who’ve had success, we have found that some who tried film installation themselves were not satisfied with the end result. Be aware that ProMark Window Film & Blinds does not provide any type of warranty on do-it-your-self installations.

Is there a way to reduce heat without a noticeable film?

ProMark’s clear film will reduce the effects of UV rays by 99%. The best performance solution is a film with a mild tint which will reduce heat while providing optical clarity. Our customers discover that the film enhances the view as it reduces the glare along with the heat.

Will it affect my plants?

Some plants may have an adjustment period to different light levels as they do to changing seasons. Some plants will benefit and even flourish if the sun’s intensity has been too harsh for them.

How do I remove tape residue from window film?

A product like Goo Gone™ (available at local hardware stores) works best to break down the residue. Gently wipe the area with a soft cloth to limit potential scratching of the glass. We recommend not using tape on window film.

Can I hang signs on filmed glass?

Most customers have found hanging signs or posters using suction cups or suspended by wire works best.

Is there a sandblasted-look film?

ProMark carries film that when applied to glass, produces a sandblasted (frosted) appearance. This is a simple process and less expensive than replacing the existing glass.


What kind of blinds do you carry?

ProMark Window Film & Blinds supplies and installs blinds from a number of manufacturers as well as fabricates several types ourselves.

Do you carry blinds I can see through yet people can’t see in?

ProMark’s Sunscreen and Sunshade blinds offer outward visibility during the day yet limited privacy at night. Depending on your requirements, there are a number of window covering options available.

Are your blinds custom-built?

All of our blinds are made-to-order. We do not carry stock sizes.

How are sunscreens cleaned?

Gently wiping the sunscreen with a damp cloth works best.

How are sunshades cleaned?

Sunshade material can easily scratch. Without removing the shade, we recommend dusting with a soft, non-abrasive cloth. When dusting is not enough, use a window-tint cleaner and soft cloth.

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