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Privacy Film – Simple and Effective

Privacy Film – Simple and Effective

While windows provide a great source of light, they also offer a clear view to the interior of a building which may be unwelcome. When this is the case, a privacy product is required.  Application of Textured Etch K frosted film will resolve this issue.

While window coverings can provide the privacy required while controlling the sun, there are times when privacy is needed full-time.

Frosted films such as Textured Etch K can fulfill this need.

YNC LLP, a professional services firm, requires privacy for their clients.  ProMark Window Film and Blinds was contacted to help provide a solution.

Once applied, the film gives glazing the appearance of acid-etched or sandblasted glass, affording the necessary privacy. While Textured Etch K is excellent at obstructing the view, it lets in natural light ensuring your offices remain nice and bright.

Textured Etch K can also be printed upon or custom-cut to create design and branding solutions.

For more information on Textured Etch K or any of our privacy solutions please call 800.265.3813 or email us at


  1. Leona Towers
    Sep 27, 2015

    Can Textured Etch K be used on outside glass balcony railings?

    • ProMark
      Jan 29, 2016

      Yes it can but I would recommend using plain Etch K instead as it has longer outdoor durability.

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