Recently ProMark completed an exterior application of RS-20-EXSR solar control film, which reduces the sun’s energy by over 80%.  Exterior film was used on this project due to the size of the thermal units and to provide the greatest reduction of the sun’s heat.  Once the film was installed, the client noticed a considerable difference in temperature of about 15 degrees (see testimonial below).


A 60 foot telescoping boom was used to ensure the project was completed on time and with minimal impact to the client’s property.


Above: Front of the house with RS-20-EXSR fully installed


Above: Rear of house with RS-20-EXSR fully installed.

Below is a glowing review from our client.

“We live in a rural log home. The top floor is an “A” frame that contains only the master bedroom and en suite. It has floor to ceiling, wall to wall windows front and back. We love waking up in the morning to the sunrise and the deer grazing in the yard. The view is spectacular! The difficulty was that the bedroom became intolerably hot during the day, even in the winter. We did not want to ruin the view with curtains or blinds so we contacted ProMark Window Film. Their representative, Graham, was very helpful. He explained all the options in both material and application and answered our many questions. We decided on a RS 20 Silver Reflective film. Installation was prompt and the workman friendly and tidy. The window film has made an extraordinary difference in the room. Temperatures are at least 15 degrees cooler upstairs in the daytime and the air conditioner is now able to stabilize the temperatures throughout the house. The ProMark Window Film was definitely a smart purchase and is adding significantly to our enjoyment of the home.”

Exterior Film is the perfect choice for large windows and skylights.  Contact Us for more Information