Huper Optik Products

  • Rejects up to 70% of all total solar energy
  • Blocks over 99.9% of all UV light rays, the leading contributor to fading of furnishings, floors, and artwork
  • Blocks up to 98% of all infrared light rays, the main source for heat
  • Reduces distracting glare
  • Increases energy efficiency and reduces utility bills
  • Utilizes the world’s first nano-ceramic film technology
  • Enhances overall aesthetics with no metallic or shiny effect
  • Provides impact protection to help keep shattered glass together
  • Residential limited lifetime and commercial fifteen-year limited product warranties

Nano-Ceramic Films

Hüper Optik nano-ceramic films not only significantly reduce the total solar energy buildup in the home by up to 61% but also suppress over 99.9% of the ultraviolet rays that lead to skin problems, while protecting valuable home furnishings from damage. The non-reflective film has the added benefit of low reflectivity at night so your view is not obscured. The layer of film provides an additional level of safety by securing glass fragments in place in the event of accidental breakage.

Select Films

Hüper Optik Select films offer a refreshing alternative to conventional metallized window films, combining outstanding performance with a selection of natural, sophisticated shades. Employing state-of-the-art multistack thin-film technologies, the manufacturing process involves depositing alternating layers of microscopic precious gold and silver metals and dielectric substances onto ultra-clear film to create an unparalleled heat, glare and ultra-violet shield.

Offering remarkable heat rejection performance, Hüper Optik Select films provide maximum protection with unrivaled high-heat rejection. Visibility is not compromised due to the film’s spectrally-selective technology. These films reject damaging infra-red and ultra-violet light rays that cause heat and fading, all without significantly reducing visible light transmittance.

Hüper Optik Select films are completely dye-free and will not fade over time. Unlike conventional hybrid metallized films that use dyed polyester layers or apply dye in adhesives to diminish the metallic look, Hüper Optik Select films offer a neutral, soft tone which has no metallic appearance or shine.