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The Tannery – Frosted Film and Roller Shade Installation

The Tannery – Frosted Film and Roller Shade Installation

(below) ProMark Window Film & Blinds was contracted to install frosted film on interior offices and some exterior glazing. We were also contracted to install manual and motorized roller shades to interior and exterior-facing windows for the first and third floor additions.

(below) Clear Velvet frosted film was applied to interior office glass to add privacy to work areas while still allowing light to flow throughout the space.

(below) Manual operated roller shades were added to all exterior windows. A tight 1% weave was chosen for high-glare reduction.

(below) On the south-facing side of the building, the addition of blackout blinds in front of the 1% roller shades permitted greater light control.

(below) Motorized shades were installed to upper windows on the south side; again both 1% and blackout shades were used.

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  1. Gerald Schwartzentruber
    Jun 25, 2015

    Never knew that you did such a large project

    Hey, you are doing such fine work

    Never saw your web before. If I would need a blind or whatever you would be the first person I would go to for advice.

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