Solar Control Films

Windows are an important feature of any home, letting in light and as a means to observe the outdoors. However, they can create a host of problems including excessive or irritating glare, heat build-up along with high-energy costs, as well as the premature fading of carpets, furniture and draperies. Solar Control film can address these issues while providing increased comfort and lower overall energy costs.

Energy Savings

Unlike other window coverings including blinds and draperies, Solar Control film blocks heat before it enters your home. Its insulating properties aid in diminishing heat loss through the glass. Controlling these factors translates to noticeable energy savings.

Extend the Life of Furnishings

The sun’s rays can take a costly toll on your fabrics, furniture, flooring and art. Solar Control films block up to 99.9% of damaging ultraviolet rays, helping to protect your furnishings, and keep them looking new for years to come.


Solar Control films block up to 80% of the total solar energy from the sun, allowing effective temperature control throughout your home, increasing the comfort of you and your family.

Feel Safe & Secure

The layer of film provides an additional measure of safety by holding glass fragments in place in the event of accidental breakage. Thicker Solar Control films are also available which inhibit intruders from making forced entry through windows.

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