“I was going to email you today to tell you how happy we were with Mark yesterday. He was very courteous, very kind, and he did a fantastic job. I can’t get over the difference of having that arc window taken care of. It makes a HUGE difference, and you can hardly see it. No more having to move my bed three times in the afternoon to get out of the sun – fantastic!

So, thanks again, and thank Mark for us too please.”

Valerie Cober

“We live in a rural log home. The top floor is an “A” frame that contains only the master bedroom and en-suite. It has floor to ceiling and wall to wall windows front and back. We love waking up in the morning to the sunrise and the deer grazing in the yard. The view is spectacular! The difficulty was that the bedroom became intolerably hot during the day, even in the winter. We didn’t want to ruin the view with curtains or blinds so we contacted Promark Window Film. Their representative, Graham, was very helpful. He explained all the options in both material and application and answered our many questions. We decided on a RS 20 Silver Reflective film. Installation was prompt and the workman friendly and tidy. The window film has made an extraordinary difference in the room. Temperatures are at least 15 degrees cooler upstairs in the daytime and the air conditioner is now able to stabilize the temperatures throughout the house. The ProMark Window Film was definitely a smart purchase and is adding significantly to our enjoyment of the home.”

Michael Bingham, Cambridge ON

“The craftsmen at ProMark have done an excellent job in my fitness facilities. Not only is the work flawlessly done, but the service and level of professionalism have made working with the team at ProMark a treat. After customizing some images on the frosting, they completed the install leaving no work or mess for my management team. The customers love it as do the staff. I wouldn’t look anywhere else for this type of covering.”

Brian Bazely
President Baze Inc.
Owner of 5 Anytime Fitness Health Clubs

“We can’t believe the difference after having film installed on our windows at the back of our house. Before, we could barely sit in our kitchen or family room when the sun was shining because there was so much heat coming through our windows. Now, we can enjoy the sunlight and our house doesn’t feel like an oven. What an amazing product! We highly recommend it!”

Amie Lear, Milton, ON

“In 1988 we purchased two sun control transparent window roller blinds from Promark Shankman. Today, although the bottom few inches have a little dust film & a few wrinkles from over-use/misuse, our blinds continue to block out the summer heat, greatly reducing our air conditioning requirements. My only regret is that I did not think to ask Promark if they had a solution for our skylight, which I have recently discovered that they have for a very reasonable price. I highly recommend Promark for their personal, speedy services and for the price and quality of product.”

Pat P, Mississauga, ON

“Thanks very much. The blinds look great as was your service!”

“We have a large expanse of windows facing south that we didn’t want to cover with traditional window treatments but needed to do something about the fading of our interior furnishings as well as reducing heat gain.

We are very happy with our choice to use a solar window film. We are impressed with the clarity of the film and how well it works in keeping our room cooler and comfortable.

We have recommended ProMark Window Film & Blinds Inc to our friends and neighbours. The film did what they said it would, and their service and installation was professional.

Thank you for your support.”

Deanna B, Guelph, ON

“Just a quick word to say thanks for your service to our home with the solar film on our skylight. They are working well. The difference in heat reduction is enormous!

Thanks for coming on the day you said you would with a product that lives up to its billing (both things rare to find these days), all at a reasonable price!”

Garth H, Campbellville, ON

“We instantly noticed the difference once the film was installed. It has made the work environment much more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone. The service and installation was both professional and prompt.”

Mike Boutette, Kitchener, ON