Going Green

How We Are Going Green

ProMark Window Film & Blinds is bullfrogpowered.™ bullfrogpower™ is the first all-green electricity retailer in Ontario and the only electricity retailer in Ontario who buys power exclusively from wind and low-impact hydro generators that meet or exceed Environment Canada’s EcoLogo™ standard for renewable electricity.

By supporting renewable power we have taken meaningful action to reduce our organization’s carbon footprint to help create a healthier environment for our community and for future generations.

Commitment to recycling extends to the spent aluminium and metals from old blinds we remove prior to installation of new.

How You Can Go Green

GREENPROTECT fabrics are aesthetically sophisticated and environmentally beneficial. They are PVC-free, flame retardant and completely recyclable. GREENPROTECT fabrics are the leading alternative to traditional fabrics. Designed for interior solar control applications that call specifically for a PVC-free product, these fabrics help create a healthy and sustainable environment.

GREENPROTECT fabrics are available in a selection of colours, include light filtering and dim-out patterns, and can be customized to suit your needs. GREENPROTECT fabrics are an investment not only in your home or workplace but in the future.