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Printed Graphics

Lintec Graphic Film can transform your glass into a vibrant canvas. It is ideal for corporate branding, privacy, decoration, identification, advertising, manifestation, and safety.

Lintec Graphic Film permits the incorporation of any number of colours to create vibrant eye-catching glass surface treatments, printed graphic designs, and corporate branding. A range of specifications including printable clear, printable one-way vision, privacy and view-control are available.

Advantages of Printed Film 

> Virtually unlimited design options
> Minimal disruption during installation
> Affordable alternative to sandblasted glass

Light transmission, colour, and positioning can be tailored to fit the nature of the space. A high-specification self-adhesive coating ensures installation and removal are both quick and clean, resulting in minimal disruption to the working environment.

Going Green

Reducing Our Footprint

We are an energy star partner and are committed to selling energy conserving products to protect the environment.

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